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Section 508 (m)


From: Yith
Date: Jan 21, 2004 4:55AM


I'm working on a web application that as part of its functionality, delivers
PDFs and Doc files (and other file types), from other systems, to users of
my application

I don't have the ability to modify the documents in any way and they may be
in any version of those formats.

According to Section 508 (m), I must supply links to accessibile readers on
the page where I present those documents.

This is fine as I know what mime-type each document is so can present a link
to the appropriate reader.
However I can find no list of accessible readers for these types of
documents, so I don't know what links to present.

From what I understand Acrobat Reader 6 is suitable for reading PDF files,
but what about Word Docs, etc...

The list of mime-types I am looking for accessible readers for is:


Any other types of document will be the responsibility of our customers to
set up.

Can anyone suggest anything?


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