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Wanted: Examples for drag-and-drop implementations with pointer alternatives


From: Detlev Fischer
Date: Jan 14, 2020 1:35PM


I am writing to this list in the hope that someone has come across examples of accessible drag-and-drop implementations that provide single-point pointer-operable alternatives for complex dragging motions (i.e., implementations that require just single-point clicks or tabs).

The context of my question is the ongoing development of a new draft success criterion „Dragging" for WCAG 2.2 within the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group. Whether this SC will ‚fly‘ we don't know yet - at this stage, we are just looking at implementations that would meet such a Success Criterion.

„Dragging", if approved, would be something of an upgrade of the current SC 2.5.1 "Pointer Gestures" that asks for single-pointer operable alternatives for complex gestures (swipe, multi-point gestures like split tap etc.) but excludes dragging motions that are not (initially) directional. Dragging would ask authors to provide alternatives for *all* dragging gestures to make content accessible to those who for whatever reason don't have the fine motor control to drag stuff.

Possible examples of successful implementations could be:

* A sortable / draggable list where after selection (via mouse-hover or initial activation) the list items reveal additional handles that respond to single-click (or tap) activation for moving an item up or down the list;
* Kanban board (or similar element/container) implementations where items can be selected and then moved left or right, up or down, via arrow icons, attached handles, or drop-down menus of some sort that specify the drop target;
* Sliders that do not require initial directionality once the thumb is engaged on touchdown or more generally pointerdown events;
* Maps (especially in mobile browsers running under iOS or Android) where the visible map section can be moved with controls, not just with a dragging motion.

Many thanks in advance for any pointers! (pun accidential)