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Re: Section 508 (m)


From: Yith
Date: Jan 22, 2004 3:30AM

> > I'm working on a web application that as part of its functionality,
> > PDFs and Doc files (and other file types), from other systems, to users
> > my application
> Then the material is not accessible, by design. The best you can do, apart
> from changing that situation itself, is to declare clear and loud what
> the formats of the documents are. Not just in HTTP headers but also in
> plain text near the links to them. All rest is most probably just noise.
> If you're not accessible, at least say it honestly and precisely.
> (Minimally, you could put "(PDF)" and "(MS Word)" after the link. Blind
> people might prefer having the explanation _before_ the link, though.)
We already do that... The link itself has the name of the document type. The
whole page is about that one document.

> > According to Section 508 (m), I must supply links to accessibile readers
> > the page where I present those documents.
> Are you under an obligation to comply with Section 508? Then read in it
> detail and draw the conclusions. If it says that it's OK to have material
> in PDF and MS Word format only, if you just have a "click here to download
> the kewl readers" link, then so be it. Good luck. But you won't find any
> actually _accessible_ readers for those formats. I mean in real life, as
> opposite to vendor brochures. So you might decide that it would be an
> undue burden, since you would have to _write_ such software first.
> If you are not legally obliged to comply with Section 508, ignore the rule
> that requires links to "accessible readers". It's just comparable to
> <noframes>Your stoopid browser is too old! Click HERE to download
> the real Netscape 3 browser! And get a life too!</noframes>
> (Actually, they're often more insulting, and more foolish.)
> People who need and and can use GhostScript or OpenOffice will get them
> and learn to use them, hopefully. There's little point in making each page
> with links to PDF or Word documents to advertize such software, still
> less any inferior products. People may need help with such software, but
> they need real help, not some formally-required naked links all around.
Thanks... its not us that have to worry about 508, but some of our

What I'll do is add in the ability to add links to readers. I'll add in the
link to the PDF one myself but then if the customer wants to add in ones for
other document types then thats fine...

Thanks for all your help...


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