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Re: headings and lists


From: wolfgang.berndorfer@zweiterblick.at
Date: Jan 20, 2020 1:15PM

Lists cause quite a verbosity for SR, if they are unordered
(*list-style-type*, even in standard setting). Nested lists cause additional
It’s a question of usability and not accessibility for SR. So, please don’t
make me think and don’t enervate me with multiple meta info, if possible!
In Larries example, a heading for each list would fit for me.

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Maybe use a Multilevel List which would give you Headings and numbers?
Multilevel lists are the third type of list in the Paragraph Group to the
immediate right of numbered lists.

Cheers, Karen

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Hello kind list people,

My word file needs headings added, but all the sections are lists 1.Budget
2020-2021 paragraphs 2.Futurized Figures paragraphs 3.Projections 2021

Is there anything wrong with making these section title list items headings?
is there a problem with wcag?