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JAWS & Chrome: rowspan issues


From: Marshall Sunnes
Date: Jan 21, 2020 8:51AM

Can anyone else replicate this:
I'm noticing that having rowspan in an HTML table is just not playing well
with JAWS (2020, 2019, 2018) when using Chrome (version 79). When moving
down a column, the virtual cursor moves diagonally.

For example, Example 2: Table with headers spanning multiple rows or columns
Keyboard commands used:

- With the table layer turned on: navigate to value "A2" (Row 2, Column
3). Press Numpad 2.
- With table layer turned off: use Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow

The expected behavior is that the virtual cursor will move to row 3, and
stay in column 3.
The actual behavior is that the virtual cursor moves to row 3, column 4.

This is also happening with Freedom Scientific's own table examples
The most similar example is the table following heading "Sales Contact by

I'm not getting this issue with Intenet Explorer + JAWS, Microsoft Edge +
JAWS, NVDA + Firefox, nor VoiceOver + Safari.


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