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Re: Advice for those interested in accessibility


From: glen walker
Date: Jan 21, 2020 5:55PM

Thanks for mentioning attitude, Sean. The a11y community is fantastic but
with any group of people, there are sometimes some overzealous credulous
people. We want people to embrace accessibility and come to love it as we
all do. I come from a software engineering background and if I had not
learned about accessibility, there's a lot of code that I would have
written that would suck from an accessibility perspective because it wasn't
something I was aware of. Having a mouse click handler on a div that was
styled to look like a button seemed like the right thing to do. So when
you audit a site and find problems, don't wonder why they wrote the code
the way they did (or at least don't voice that wonder) and don't berate the
developer or make fun of poorly written code. As the accessibility SME,
you are the teacher. Commiserate with the design and development team and
help them learn and improve but always do so in a way that uplifts and not
tears down. Sounds like I'm talking about Jedis and Padawans.