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Browser-based business tools


From: Laura Pierce
Date: Jan 29, 2004 12:19PM

Hi All,

Apologies for the long email in advance but please help!?!

We have an in-house resource kit based on principles and checklists from
sources such as Jim Thatcher's teachings, WAI and some e-learning
accessibility guidelines. However, I'm currently assessing a complex,
highly interactive task-based business tool. Some of our in-house tools
are inherently complex (they often enable rather 'involved' tasks) but
we would like to achieve the best level of accessibility for moral
reasons if nothing else.

The British DDA legislation seems a little vague, and the WAI Guidelines
seem rather geared up for accessible ways of presenting web content,
which is great, but I feel like we need something more substantial.

We've asked the Disability Rights Commission for advice on whether there
are more specific guidelines they would recommend but am informed that
they won't help me because we employ over 100 people. Nor do they seem
able to refer me to resources who/which might be able to help.

Does anyone know of any guidelines that might help us identify different
accessibility issues and solutions for browser-based business

The US seems to have advanced much further on