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API for any free PDF accessibility checker


From: Alan Zaitchik
Date: Feb 11, 2020 3:04PM

You know what would be great?
A free accessibility checker for PDF documents *that has an API through
which data can be pulled out for reporting*! For example: give me all the
Failures that involve Links without ALT text. Or give me all the Failures
that involve Table cells without headers. Etc.
Does anyone know of such?

OR, second best: Has anyone written code to extract data out of the xml
file one can generate with CommonLook's Validator tool? That might be
another way to go. The XML is easy to parse, but to be informative it would
be nice to know how to display the actual tag or content in error when you
get a Result with
or the like. I mean, if I am looking at the Tag tree I know how to follow
the path, but how do I get the tag tree into the program parsing the XML,
to begin with? The report won't be as helpful as I'd like if it cannot
display much beyond the path like above.