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Re: Apple Accessibility API


From: joe@a11yeval.com
Date: Feb 27, 2020 6:20AM

Hi Sean,

Unless the states are built into the native iOS components (UISlider,
UISwitch, etc.), then no.

Apple uses accessibility traits
ty/accessibility_traits?language=objc) for any common states (Selected,
NotEnabled [dimmed] and Adjustable)

If you need custom states, these have to be added to elements at runtime by
adding them to the end of the accessibilityLabel or potentially using the
accessibilityValue. IMO the accessibilityValue should be modified by
developers with caution because it can overwrite user input values (e.g. if
used on a UITextField)

iOS states are definitely not as well supported (beyond the 3 mentioned
above) as states are in HTMl with native elements and ARIA.

Joe Humbert

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Subject: [WebAIM] Apple Accessibility API

Is anyone on the list knowledgeable about how States work on the iOS

For example if UIAccessibilityTraitButton is defined with the correct below
accessibilityLabel - The accessibilityLabel should have to return the
suitable word to describe the element.
accessibilityValue - Describes the value of an element accessibilityHint -
accessibilityHint can have a phrase to describe what happens when you choose
action on an element

Does the object for button contain the relevant states? Can you custom build
the states in an class / object?

Is there a dedicated list for accessibility iOS mobile?