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Re: Apple Accessibility API


From: Murphy, Sean
Date: Feb 27, 2020 3:48PM


This is really good information. I have got some old Apple material from their events which I will review later. I do find reading or finding the relevant information on the Apple site difficult.

I have an app that I am reviewing which is using a custom library (API). This app has two failures:

4.1.2 Name, role and Value

2.5.1 Pointer Gestures https://www.w3.org/WAI/WCAG21/Understanding/pointer-gestures

Visually it is a interactive bar chart showing months and values. The user can select a specific month to download that data. The selected month changes colour. Only 4 or 5 months are shown at a time, thus a swipe is required to navigate the chart. Voiceover announces the month and value only. The only way I can think of to address this issue is to modify the open source API. Providing buttons or icons to permit the chart to scroll back and forward. In relation to Voiceover to provide state and role information. State to indicate it has been selected and choosing a role that best reflects to the user what actions they can perform.

So more digging is required to work out how to achieve this.

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Hi Sean, any UI elements that implement the UIAccessibility protocol will have all of those properties and methods available. However, setting a value on a control with a button trait won't have any impact on VoiceOver or other assistive technology. Based on some tests I did several years ago I was able to set these properties in code even if they are hidden in the UI of Xcode -- but setting extra properties was generally ignored by VoiceOver when they were not relevant to the to the control's traits.

It is not possible to create custom traits or properties -- although traits can be created in combination such as a button that is disabled, etc. Some combinations obviously won't make sense even if you can set those combination of traits in the code.


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Subject: [WebAIM] Apple Accessibility API

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Is anyone on the list knowledgeable about how States work on the iOS platform?

For example if UIAccessibilityTraitButton is defined with the correct below properties:

accessibilityLabel - The accessibilityLabel should have to return the suitable word to describe the element.

accessibilityValue - Describes the value of an element accessibilityHint - accessibilityHint can have a phrase to describe what happens when you choose action on an element

Does the object for button contain the relevant states? Can you custom build the states in an class / object?

Is there a dedicated list for accessibility iOS mobile?