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Re: accessible version of website


From: Dhananjay Bhole
Date: Apr 27, 2020 11:54AM


It is not recommended to maintain 2 different versions of the website
as it is very difficult to maintain 2 versions of the websites
simultaneously. Also accessibility is not only for screen reader user.
It is for all.

It is not only discriminatory but also challenging for persons with
disabilities when they ask help of their sighted peers as sighted
persons find it unusual.

I also have same question in my mind why google has provided 2
versions of gmail as A. basic html version of gmail for screen reader
user and B. standard version for abled body persons.

I read one of the W3c document that maintaining 2 versions of website
is the accessibility myths. Then why Google like organizations have 2
versions for one of their very crucial products?


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On 4/27/20, Steve Green < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> It depends what the link does. If it points to a different version of the
> website, then it's probably not a good idea, although there might be a good
> reason. Ideally, both versions would be fed from the same CMS so the content
> stays synchronised.
> Alternatively, they might be using a style switcher to modify the appearance
> and behaviour of a single version of the website, which might be a sensible
> thing to do. We have recommended this approach for a few websites where the
> product owners insisted on having whizzy features that did not play nicely
> with assistive technologies.
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> Sent: 27 April 2020 18:26
> Subject: [WebAIM] accessible version of website
> Hi all,
> I was on a website that as soon as I loaded the page it said if you are
> using a screen reader hit this key combo. Is this a new thing, to design
> one version for screen reader users and one for non-screen reader users?
> Would love to know your thoughts. I have mine not a fan because it is an us
> vs them idea.
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