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Re: A11y of Saba LMS


From: Szaj, Julie
Date: Apr 29, 2020 5:49AM

Hi Jordan,

At my university, we too use SABA. I have posed the same question in the SABA community and have received no response at all.

I found one page in the SABA Help guides: https://help.sabacloud.com/sabacloud/help-system/topics/help-system-section-508-compliance.html?hl=web%2Caccessibility%2Csaba%2Ccloud but this doesn't include the information that I am looking for.

If you are a member of the SABA community, I just posted another request for information. Feel free to jump in (and get anyone else you know as well since nothing gets a response until there is interest from others) and request information from SABA too: https://community.sabacloud.com/Saba/Web_spf/SPCTNT351Site/app/shared;spf-url=common%2Fmessagehometreeview%2Fforum000000000001880%2Fbbmsg000000001164585%2Ftrue


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Subject: [WebAIM] A11y of Saba LMS

I'm asking for any community experiences with the Saba Learning Management System or Saba cloud. If anyone on the list has experience using or reviewing this product for a11y compliance. A quick note that this is not about LMS software in general, just the Saba product.



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