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Re: Hints for screen reader speech attributes


Date: Apr 30, 2020 7:13AM

It isn't possible to do this with ARIA, no. You may be interested in the
work of the W3C Pronunciation Task Force though.

Explainer: Improving spoken pronunciation on the web

Pronunciation gap analysis and use cases

On 30/04/2020 14:06, Ofer Bartal wrote:
> Hi,
> As a website developer, I'm interested in giving hints or suggestions to
> the user's screen reader on how to read certain text.
> For example, I'd like the following italic to be read in a higher pitch:
> The *quick* brown fox jumped over the *lazy* dog
> Is there a way to do that in ARIA?
> Thanks!
> Ofer Bartal
> > > > >

Director @TetraLogical