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Re: Hints for screen reader speech attributes


From: Farough, David (CFP/PSC)
Date: Apr 30, 2020 2:46PM

I had to laugh recently when I was testing one of our applications using NVDA.

This is an app which asks 23 questions in order to determine whether participating in various political activities is a good idea.
One of the questions was:
Section 2: Level and visibility of your current position - Question 7 of 23
With which of the following would you most closely identify?
Student (Federal Student Work Experience Program, Co-op/Internship Programs, Research Affiliate Program) radio button not checked
Operational/administrative support/junior officer (e.g., GL-MAM-7, CR-4, AS-1, PM-2, EC-2, SP-4, GL-MOC-6, BI-2) radio button not checked
Intermediate officer (e.g., EC-4, CS-2, PE-3, PM-4, FB-3, TI-4, AU-3) radio button checked

When I got to the third radio button, NVDA spoke the " AU-3" as three dollars Australian.
Who'd have thought?