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Images of Text and Promotional Materials


From: Maupin, Brennan Polaris McCaffrey - maupinbp
Date: May 21, 2020 12:54PM

Hello all,
I am trying to give advice regarding SC 1.4.5, Images of Text, but am struggling with certain aspects of it.
I am working with sites that contain a number of promotional images that stylize text in a visually appealing way. These are usually links to other sites that contain more information about the topic or event. They are usually text-based or only use images as a decorative element.
I know that simply using an image of text as a heading is a clear fail of this success criterion and that an infographic is a clear exception to the success criterion. That said, these images are intended to promote a visual presentation that is professional and consistent with our branding. For me it seems a bit of a gray area.
My two struggles are:

1) I do not think that the desired visual representation of these promotional materials can be reliably reproduced in our CMS in a reliable nor stable way.

2) Would a caption that replicates the text or a link to a pop-up or new site that displays the text in an accessible fashion satisfy the "Customizable" clause of the success criterion?
Thanks in advance for your input.
- Brennan