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Re: 2.1.4 Character key short cuts


From: Murphy, Sean
Date: May 24, 2020 10:18PM

This still would pass. The screen reader user has the ability of by-passing the keystroke. As the letter 'k' supports non-screen readers as well.

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Subject: [WebAIM] 2.1.4 Character key short cuts

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Hi all,

I have come up with a doubt regarding 2.1.4 character key shortcuts .
Could you please give me a good example of 2.1.4 SC.

In youtube, the letter "K" is the shortcut for play / Pause. In NVDA , "K" will take you to the next link. So, if you press "K" in youtube , it will take you to the next link rather than activating the Play / Pause button. Is it a violation?

In Deque university, when we doing the course, "Alt + Ctrl + N " is the command to go to the next page. But, if you are using NVDA, with the provided key command, it will restart NVDA. It won't take you to the next page.
What about it?

Please help me.