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RE: finding tools to test accessibility


From: Robert B. Yonaitis
Date: Feb 21, 2004 11:44AM

There are many not covered by the list on the site noted:

> > where can I find tools to help test my webpage's accessibility?
> There are several useful tools to test your site's
> accessibility (and validity), and some of the most important
> have also been collected at UITest.com's analysis section [1]...
The W3C listing for Accessibility Testing related tools is somewhat complete
but suffers from being dated....

There is also a section on SMIL: http://www.w3.org/AudioVideo/

From HiSoftware's Perspective, which I can speak to... We offer several
tools and integrated solutions:

1. Online Accessibility and Alt Text Quality: Commonly known and used at the

The Cynthia Says portal is a joint Education and Outreach project of ICDRI,
The Internet Society Disability and Special Needs Chapter and HiSoftware..

2. For those who want to also test Privacy (Section 208), Searchability, Alt
Text Quality and more from this online tester:

3. And then we have our other tools that are listed on all of the other
lists previously mentioned: Except for a couple options not on the W3C List
at this time but we hope they will be updated soon ;)

Our Solutions for Flash:

Our MS CMS Solutions:

Our Hi-Stats Solution:
That works together with all of our other content quality solutions (that of
course include comprehensive Accessibility Testing solutions) This allows
you to combine reporting to see of what content that fails Accessibility
testing or other quality testing:

4. Now a very common problem especially for those who depend on the online
testers only are missing bookmarks. This of course is very important when
considering skip nav bookmarks: For those wishing to test for that you could
download our no charge solution for this: (Windows Only )

That is it for now from a testing perspective.... I hope that helps!


rob yonaitis

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