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Re: Using tables for layout


From: Christopher Phillips
Date: Feb 23, 2004 12:02PM

> But isnt one of the basic rules that web pages have to be readable
> without
> using CSS? I have a paper with this statement"

Yes, this is a rule and it is not validated by the statement you

> <snip> "If you would normally use a nested table in the left cell to
> create a "list" of links for navigation purposes, drop the nested
> table and use an unordered list with styles instead. Ultimately, you
> may end up with only one two celled table as the only table on a page
> (for layout purposes) with the rest of the content arranged using
> CSS."</snip>

The author is talking about using a list as defined by the HTML markup,
CSS would then only be used for the format the list, but if the CSS
didn't load, the menu would still appear as a structured list for the
menu. It is especially important to make sure the content is presented
in a logical order (i.e. content before navigation- or visa versa,
depending on your perspective) independent of the style sheet.

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