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RE: Using tables for layout


From: Cheryl D. Wise
Date: Feb 23, 2004 12:17PM

If you use a list in a column for navigation and style it with CSS it is
still perfectly useable without css. The formatting will change and it will
look like a bulleted list but it is still functional.

Assuming you use structured mark-up in your code all the content will be
readable and usable just plain and displayed in the order it is written in
the code. Great example is to look at CSS Zen Garden http://zengarden.com
with CSS and without. Without it is a very, very plain XHTML page but
perfectly functional. With CSS it is a graphically rich and usually very
attractive page. (I say usually only because I personally don't like all the

Cheryl D. Wise
Certified Professional Web Developer
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From: Savin, Jill

<snip> "If you would normally use a nested table in the left cell to create
a "list" of links for navigation purposes, drop the nested table and use an
unordered list with styles instead.
Ultimately, you may end up with only one two celled table as the only table
on a page (for layout purposes) with the rest of the content arranged using

But isnt one of the basic rules that web pages have to be readable without
using CSS? I have a paper with this statement"

"Documents shall be organized so they are readable without requiring an
associated style sheet."

Or when they say 'documents', do they mean like if you added a word document
to the web page?

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