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Re: HWG "Accessible Web Design" Online Course


From: Kynn Bartlett
Date: Sep 26, 2001 4:33PM

Hi, there have been problems beyond my personal control -- I just got
access to the classroom today -- and hopefully students will be notified
soon as to how to access the course. I don't have a list of student
email addresses yet or else I would have sent out a message already.
(I have, as yet, no list of who is enrolled.)
These are the types of problems that unfortunately result when you have
a change in management such as the recent merger of the HTML Writers
Guild and the International Webmasters Association. It's not the
fault of IWA nor of HWG, really -- but if I told you whose fault it
ultimately was, that person would likely sue me.
Hopefully I will be getting a list of students ASAP and will be able
to send out a message soon. I'd offer apologies -- but really I, as
instructor, am in the same boat as the rest of you, and there's
nothing I could have done differently so far to make the course start
as it should have. (For what it's worth, the other courses I've
run have never had this problem -- this is a one-time abberation.)
At 10:26 PM +0100 2001/9/25, Susan wrote:
>Has anyone else enrolled on this course? I am experiencing a few
>problems at the moment actually accessing the material. I have done
>other courses with them without any problems but this one is causing me
>some grief at the moment.
>It's probably not a thread to continue on the list but we can always
>continue discussing the situation off list.
>Susan Paranby

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