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QUESTION: Access Keys


From: Schoppa, Laura
Date: Sep 28, 2001 7:44AM

Hello -
I understand that adding Access Keys to navigate around a page is considered
a good idea for making accessible pages.
My question is: How do you let the user know that, for example, ALT + L (if
this is the keystroke combination assigned to go to a field in a form to
fill out one's last name - see attached) - will take them to a certain
Are Access Keys necessary to implement to be in compliance with 508?
Is it a good idea to give the user a page of Access Keystroke combinations
to get around a site in general? Are there any good examples out there of
sites that employ Access Keys effectively?
thanks for any info! <<form.htm>>
Laura Schoppa
Graphic Designer / Web Developer
SI Enterprise Consulting Corp.
Office: 703-905-1687