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Re: Coding for Standards--comments please


From: David R. Stong
Date: Mar 17, 2004 8:23AM

>Previously Bryce wrote: why is the burden on me when the browser
>technology fails to adhere to standards? If I am a carpenter, and I build
>an access ramp to a building a specified standard width, is it my
>responsibility if someone tries to use a wheelchair that is wider than that

In keeping with your analogy, I'd have to ask : if you were a
carpenter and were to build an access ramp meeting local code, but
the concrete, nails and wood supplied were all substandard such that
the ramp was unusable, wouldn't you (as a reputable career conscious
carpenter) do what you could to correct the situation so as to avoid
an accidental injury?

Most arguments about the evil browser seem to me to be like this- you
know there's a problem, you have the ability to make it work even
though you aren't responsible for the browser code- so why wouldn't
you? Then do what you can to inform and correct the "supplier"

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