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Re: Apple screen reader technology preview


From: holly marie
Date: Mar 17, 2004 11:24AM

From: "Ben Morrison"

> From the apple site
> Apple is working to enhance the accessibility of its own applications
> including the Finder, Mail, Safari, TextEdit, iChatAV, Calculator, and
> We'll have to wait and see how well.

That's the one I read, while it was a nice basic overview of features,
it was slim on the details.
Then again, this is still in development. While the articles point to
Blind users, there are certainly many other items on this accessible
interface that address a wide variety of users, including sticky keys
for motor challenges. (By the way, Readers are also very nice for those
that cannot read, because of a wide variety of diagnosis including brain
injuries, stroke, cognitive disorders).

[quoted from link above] Compatible with Universal Access
Apple includes a variety of accessibility features in Mac OS X referred
to collectively as Universal Access. These features enable those with
vision, hearing, and motor skills disabilities to more easily use the
Macintosh computer. These features, including the spoken interface, are
designed to work together and in combination to address the unique needs
of every user. Universal access features include zoom view, grayscale,
black on white (inverted display), sticky keys, mouse keys, slow keys,
and more.[/quoted]

Built in , not Added on:
This is very good news and will allow many users to have another OS
choice, but one that does not have to have many different add on apps or
software which made some of these items work for other OS.

[I may look into the next Mac OS, myself, for a member of our family]

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