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UL spacing on side navigation


From: Leesa Lavigne
Date: Mar 17, 2004 4:49PM


I uploaded just a basic page with the side navigation include file.

You can view it here: http://www.loveitsimple.com/MHA/SideNavTest.php See
how the links are all crammed together instead of having a line space
between them?

If you look at the source code you will see the break tags as so:
<li><a href="AdManagement/Register.php">Create an account</a><br></li>

Bit strange. I like to leave my site's text as default with a text resizer
link on the page so I'm not using px, ems, or any other size. I did try the
bottom margin setting in CSS but when not set just right (I tried it with %
values) the links can overlap each other.

The break tag normally gives me the spacing that I like even if CSS is
turned off on a visitors browser. Not sure why it's not showing the space
on the page. I used CSS for the -3 for the left margin so the links would
sit to the right like normal links would. I also used the style=none to get
rid of the bullets. Those, along with the hover background color, work so I
know the CSS is working.

Thanks. Leesa

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Leesa Lavigne
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