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E-Health usability and accessibility


From: Emanuele Calo'
Date: Mar 18, 2004 8:47AM

I come immediately to the then:
to design the user experience of a web application or of a portal in Health Care Service,
requires of face very
stimulating specific problems.
For example a first problem is the migration from legacy interfaces ([mainframe],
[client-server]) to web interfaces.
Other peculiarity is:
1. a low competency's users to IT, both sanitary users and citizens
2. labeling problems derive from the medical-sanitary terminology together with the
bureaucratic-administrative terminology.
3.trust -based interaction (web credibility)
4.protection of the privacy
5.access only by the use of the keyboard or by technologies like screen reader.
6.in some cases the users is an operator that must interact with the UI together to the
patient, who is there to give the necessary information for the transaction (for example
booking of the checkup).
7. translation in an application step-by-step of bureaucratic procedures like
those of the booking of checkup.

Do you have any experiences as to this subject?
Can you show me any fonts, studies, searches, or any other material on the
question, please?
Best regards!

Emanuele Cal