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Accordion vs WCAG SCs


From: Vaibhav Saraf
Date: Jul 31, 2020 6:21AM

Hi Folks,

One of my friends has wrongly implemented an accordion.

He wanted to implement an 'Open Search Box' button, which on activation
will give way to a 'Search box' and 'Submit' button.

Due to mishandling of tab-index property the search box and submit button
are always keyboard focusable even when they are invisible to sighted user.

I was thinking which WCAG 2.0 SCs this will fail under? I can think of
2.4.7 Visible focus as the focus in getting lost, but couldn't decide. This
doesn't looks to be a trap as the focus will return upon 2 tabs. Neither
have enough constructs for visible focus violation.

Any comments?