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What three aspects of accessibility in an educational setting do you consider to be most helpful?


From: Laurie Kamrowski
Date: Aug 13, 2020 3:55PM

Hi everyone!

I am doing a welcome back Zoom session for our faculty, and I was asked to
cover the three most helpful aspects of accessibility in an educational

This is like trying to pick my favorite child. I have no idea where to
start. I am thinking that uniformity would be a good thing to help with
cognitive disabilities, but I really can't differentiate.

I mean, I was also thinking that we could demonstrate how screen reader
software can help even sighted users so that anyone can study without
having to be chained to their computers - mostly as a way to make it not as
scary to people who aren't familiar with accessible tech?

I don't know if this helps paint a picture, but we are currently
receiving a little pushback from faculty about accessibility, someone told
some of them that accessibility has been suspended since Covid hit, and
although I have confirmed with the DOE that this is 100% false, its a bit
of an uphill battle.

Any input would be so seriously appreciated. Thank you so much!

Laurie Kamrowski
Accessibility Specialist
Mid Michigan College