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Non compliance to a status message that is not displayed?


From: Wing Kuet
Date: Aug 14, 2020 8:16AM

I have a search form created by a client that I am working with that once the form is submitted will display either a list of search results or a message is displayed on the page to say there is no search results. However, there is no message to the user that there is a successful submission of the form nor the amount of search results displayed.?

Does anyone have a view on whether not displaying a status message on the successful submission of a form as well as the number of search results returned if there actual results found would be a non compliance to the success criteria of 4.1.3 Status message?

I should add that the URL for the search form does not change when the form is submitted by a submit button being operated. However, the content within the page does.


Wing Kuet
Accessibility Consultant & Software Tester
Test Partners Ltd