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Re: Accessibility with Angular SPAs


From: Farough, David (CFP/PSC)
Date: Aug 19, 2020 11:32AM

I provided the following information to some of our developers who have been developing a single page application.

They have done a great job and the app they developed is much more performant than the app it replaces.

Here is the article that outlines steps that were taken to improve accessibility for the Gatsby application. Much of this will apply to the react based application that you are developing.
included in this post is a GitHub issue that goes into more detail as to problems encountered.

The following YouTube presentation occurred last October as part of Inclusive Design 24. It outlines what steps were taken to improve accessibility for the application and explains why steps were taken and the various accessibility situations that benefitted as a result.

The following link is to the testing organization that provided the testers who evaluated the application.
This might also be a useful approach for testing as they can Taylor the testing to people with disabilities that you want to target.