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Re: Accessibility for a data processing button


From: Birkir R. Gunnarsson
Date: Sep 1, 2020 7:43AM

I would recommend two things:
1. A status message (using live regions) that first says processing,
then "the report is ready".
2. (optional) add a screen reader only description to the button,
something like:
"when the report is ready this button becomes a download link"
<button aria-describedby="rp">Generat report</button>
<span class="visuallyHidden" id="rp">When the report is finished this
button becomes a download ink</span>

On 9/1/20, Vaibhav Saraf < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Not very sure on how to frame the subject for the query, hope this one
> suffices.
> My colleagues have implemented a custom button which is labelled as
> 'Generate reports', when activated it will process some data in the
> back-end and will remain disabled for the period. Once processing is done a
> download link appears in place of the button to download the generated
> reports.
> When the button is triggered 'Report generation started' is announced.
> Visually the button changes from orange to yellow and finally blue when it
> appears as a link. Although the conclusion of the process is not alerted.
> to a screen reader. There is also a visible label on the button.
> I am thoughtful about including such an alert but want to know your
> perspective about other accessibility issues you see in the setup.
> Thanks,
> Vaibhav
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