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Accessibility consulting: site audits and fixes


From: Leo Smith
Date: Mar 26, 2004 7:59AM

Hi Folks,

I haven't posted to the list in a while -- hope that everyone is doing well.

I have recently started working with a non-profit technology organization to develop an accessibility consulting function for their institution. Some of my work will involve marketing, but equally when the jobs start coming in, as they have begun to, will also include site audits, training, and sitewide fixes.

I am wanting to tap any insights, experience and knowledge the group might have with regards to the accessibility auditing site of things, and actually doing the retrofitting work if the client also requires that.

Specifically, how do folks estimate the amount of time they would need to do an audit, and then to perform the necessary work afterwards, with a view to providing the client with a quote? (I am looking first at Section 508 and WCAG Priority 1 compliance).

How much do folks charge for the initial auditing, and then for the work that needs doing? If a client just wants the work doing right away, do you include the time needed to do an audit in the job estimate (considering that you would need to do an audit anyway to see what needs to be fixed))?

As always, any and all input is greater appreciated.



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