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RE: Improving the Web surfing experience for blind and partially sighted users


From: Mike Lyman
Date: Apr 6, 2004 12:51PM

The main area of the pad
> will act as a
> touch screen with a raised cursor that can be moved around.
> My first thought
> was something akin to a marble inside a gel-like layer that
> when pressed in
> would serve in the same way as a click of a mouse led cursor.
> This would
> allow the user to feel where they last were on the screen.


I like the idea as well. I've recently taken a course in immersive
instructional systems (basically virtual and augmented realities). It sounds
very similar to what designers are doing to create a sense of touch and feel
with virutal objects. There are using haptic (touch) feedback to allow users
to sense objects that are virutal and thus, not really there. You might
consider looking into this arena for ideas on what has been done with
gloves, sensor pads, and other haptic feedback devices.

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