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macOS Voice Over: ARIA 1.1 Combobox with Listbox Popup Examples


From: Michael H
Date: Sep 24, 2020 6:33PM

The demos on this page:


Do not seem to function well when using Voice Over on macOS 10.15.6
using Sarari 14.0.

Testing Example 1:

1. When you land on the combobox, you must press VO keys (CONTROL +
OPTION) + SHIFT + DOWN ARROW to interact with it.

2. Inside combobox: In order to enter keywords, you have to press VO
keys and LEFT ARROW to go back and find the search field.

3. Once you have typed your keywords, you have to un-interact with the
search field by using VO keys + SHIFT + UP ARROW;

4. To find the listbox results, you then have to press the VO KEY + RIGHT ARROW

5. To interact with the listbox results, you have to press the VO keys

6. When you are in the listbox results and you choose an item using VO
keys + SPACE the chosen populates search box

7. You can then delete the chosen text by hitting the delete key.


1. Once you are interacting with the combobox, you would expect to be
able to enter keywords (right away) and begin interacting with the
search input.

2. When un-interacting the search field, sometimes, it takes you way
far away from the search field on the page. Not sure why/how/when this

3. After a choice from the listbox is chosen, they are taken back to
the search field, but there is nothing letting them know they are back
in the search field at the end of the chosen text (could this be fixed
with aria-live?)


1. Is this the intended behavior for Voice Over on a macOS for
Combobox with Listbox Popup?

2. IMHO, at least for macOS Voice Over, this w3.org example pretty
much sucks. Can anyone point me towards an example that works better?