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Re: Improving the Web surfing experience for blind and partially sighted users


From: Abby Dacres
Date: Apr 9, 2004 11:04AM

Hi and thank you to everyone who posted a reply to my query; I have not
worked out how to reply to individual threads on this site so I will reply
to each thread in this email. (I rather thought that each posting you added
would send an email to which I could reply...perhaps there is a problem with
my email address)
David.R Strong: Your thoughts were really interesting and challenged the way
I am thinking about this project. I must admit that when I tried to explain
the concept in words to a blind person, I did have some difficulty. This is
really interesting in itself, since if we can't put ourselves in a similar
mindset, how can we design effectively? This project has been very
enlightening to me in terms of the assumptions that I have made which relate
to what I think people need and want.

Richard Sweet: Thank you for the link...it was really useful and gave me
some great ideas!

Mike Lyman: Thank you...what you said really was interesting I'd not
previously considered haptic feedback. Is the technology available to
provide dynamic haptic feedback? ie could an image on a web site really
become raised in relation to shades and colours to give a raised image? Or
is that just Star Trek stuff?

Shilpa: Again thanks...looks like you answered the above question..but is
this actually currently possible?...do you know of any research or studies
in this field?

Sachin Pavithran: In answer to your question Sachin, my original idea was to
use the pad in conjunction with screen reader software such as SupaNova or
the like.


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