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Re: Nested data tables


From: Guy Hickling
Date: Oct 21, 2020 7:13PM

Steve Green, your observations about the vast majority of screen reader
users using the arrow keys instead of the table navigation provision is
very interesting. It is also just the kind of real life observation that we
need more of, so we know what real people out there are actually doing. It
would be worth a whole forum just to itself.

And your comment reminds me of a time when Microsoft, some years back now,
did a survey among users to find out what their users wanted to see added
in the next release of one of their products (Word, if I remember rightly).
About half the responses they got back were asking for things that were
already in the product but the users didn't know about! It seems a bit of
that may be happening with screen reader users in tables!

Jonathan Avila, your comments about JAWS were useful as well.