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Re: Training Materials


From: Jeffrey (JDS)
Date: Oct 24, 2020 3:50PM

ePub has proven to be the way to go... time and time again.

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We also remediate PDFs for accessibility, but I suggest your training materials publisher consider EPUBs, which we also remediate. Because EPUBs are HTML based, we have lots more accessibility tags and constructs to improve the accessibility experience. What your training materials publisher will like is how DRM (Digital Rights Management) is integrated into EPUBs. This is why academic publishers have all gone with EPUBs instead of PDFs to protect their expensive textbooks while complying to regulations. Your training materials publisher is surely aware of their near-term regulatory fork in the road, expensive Braille or accessible digital.

The EPUB roadblock has historically been a lack of free, non-proprietary readers and display options for the public. This is improving right now. I'd be happy to point your training materials publisher toward those resources.

As far as learning and tracking with a printed book, accessible or not, we transitioned to two monitors for all our analysts years ago to deal with that. Work product on the left monitor and instructions on the right. I can't imagine going back, in fact, we've expanded one of the monitors to double wide.

Peter Shikli
Access2online Inc.