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Safari Pinch Zoom for 1.4.4


From: Justin Leasure
Date: Oct 27, 2020 8:01AM


I sent a similar question out about a week ago, but I had a follow up. Does
"pinch zoom" within Safari Mobile meet the requirements of 1.4.4 (resize
text)? The requirement states that zooming must not cause "loss of content
or functionality." Pinch zooming causes full viewport zooming and can cause
excessive horizontal/vertical scrolling, which I think we would all agree
is not ideal. However, if you had a situation where the browser zoom (using
the "Aa" zoom feature within Safari) feature caused a loss of
functionality, would you make the argument that a website still meets 1.4.4
if pinch zoom is enabled? I know that 1.4.11 speaks to the fact that reflow
of content (which should only require one dimensional scrolling) is not
often achievable on mobile devices. So, one could take this to mean that
1.4.4 is still achieved even with two dimensional scrolling. Thanks in
advance for your input.