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Re: PDF resize


Date: Nov 20, 2020 12:51AM


Thank you for your contribution so far.

> you could use the zoom feature in the viewer to increase text size up to 200% of the default -- even with scrolling in two directions.

> If you look at the "failures" for 1.4.4, basically if enlarging text causes
> things to become unreadable by pushing them out of view or making things
> overlap, that's a problem.

> Not sure what you are referring to here. PDF can be reflowed in an interoperable manner via Tagged PDF, but thus far few applications leverage Tagged PDF for reflow purposes.

To summarize:**You *can enlarge***PDF but*need**scrolling*. You cannot
reflowed without special technology.

Question: *This**means success or failure of 1.4.4. in case of PDFs? *

I am also wondering, if ePUB is better choice than PDF for accessible
publications. What do you think?