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Re: [EXTERNAL] how to use text spacing bookmarklet


From: Vaibhav Saraf
Date: Nov 20, 2020 7:07AM


When I am required to do this check I normally go for a code inspection to
check if the spacing is not restricted. Is there some ready bookmarklet
which can do this automatically?

Performing the check myself will not work as I am a screen reader user and
I know I will need someone to confirm on the results everytime.


On Fri, 20 Nov 2020 at 18:51, Mark Magennis < <EMAIL REMOVED> >

> Bhargav,
> When you activate the Text Spacing test tool bookmarklet (
> http://html5accessibility.com/tests/tsbookmarklet.html) on a page, the
> page content should automatically take on the four changes that the user
> has to be able to make in order to meet SC 1.4.12:
> Line height (line spacing) to at least 1.5 times the font size;
> Spacing following paragraphs to at least 2 times the font size;
> Letter spacing (tracking) to at least 0.12 times the font size;
> Word spacing to at least 0.16 times the font size.
> Sometimes the bookmarklet doesn't do this. As far as I can tell, there are
> two possible reasons for this:
> 1. The page code doesn't allow these changes to be made. In which case you
> have found an SC 1.4.12 violation.
> 2. The content is somewhere the bookmarklet can't reach. I think the
> bookmarklet may not be able to affect content within an iframe. That may
> have been changed though so I'm not sure.
> If you're unsure of whether the lack of change is due to 1 or 2 above,
> then try editing the CSS directly. In the F12 code inspector, edit the CSS
> to set the following attribute values for all text:
> line-height: 1.5 !important;
> letter-spacing: 0.12em !important;
> word-spacing: 0.16em !important;
> margin-bottom: 2em !important;
> This is what the bookmarklet does.
> Mark
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> Subject: [EXTERNAL] [WebAIM] how to use text spacing bookmarklet
> Hi all,
> As subject says can someone guide me step by step how to use text spacing
> bookmarklet to check 4.1.12. your help will be highly appreciated
> Thanks,
> Bhargav.
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