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Re: efficient accessibility audit process


From: Julius Serrano
Date: Nov 22, 2020 11:48AM

Hi Steve.

Thanks for sharing your insights.

My goal is to learn how we can make accessibility audits a team effort.

The intention behind it is the idea if more people are involved in the
company, accessibility would be recognised and supported by more people.

And, as I am open to other ideas, I truly value your thoughts on how
efficient it will be if only one person was performing the audit.

Thanks again.



On 20/11/2020 10:12 am, Steve Green wrote:
> I don't accept your premise that you will maximise productivity by involving the entire team. I would expect that to minimise productivity.
> For maximum productivity, we get one person to do all the work. Obviously, they need all the necessary skills, so we recruit people who do. Why would you not do that? The one exception is that we sometimes get someone junior to do the colour contrast analysis - it doesn't take long to teach almost anyone.
> Occasionally, the timescale means we have to put more than one tester on a project, in which case they form a self-managing team with one tester taking the lead role.
> Is there anything about your context that means you can't do this?
> Steve Green
> Managing Director
> Test Partners Ltd
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> Sent: 19 November 2020 20:46
> Subject: [WebAIM] efficient accessibility audit process
> Hi all. I hope you are well.
> I'd like to get your thoughts on an efficient audit process based on your experience.
> By saying audit process, I am referring to checking an already finished site / set of pages, identifying the issues based on WCAG, and providing recommendations. Efficient to me means there are no duplications of work being done and a process that involves the entire team for maximum productivity.
> I recognise that an audit process needs to include the entire team, and not just the person doing screen reader testing. Generally the team consists of a business analyst, a front end developer, a QA / screen reader  tester, and the accessibility program manager.
> May I ask if anyone has performed audits with this type of setting and resources/expertise? Basically, what I'm needing ideas about is the steps in between the two points:
> * Point A: We receive audit work from a client
> * We do the steps in the audit process
> * Point B: We submit the audit report to the client.
>  Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you. Please let me know if you need more info regarding this question.
> Julius
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