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Re: why would a desktop app not work with a screen reader?


From: chagnon@pubcom.com
Date: Dec 9, 2020 3:51PM

It's probably the app, not the screen readers. Especially if none of them
work with the app.
Quoted from www.access-board.gov

"The Section 508 Standards apply to electronic and information technology
procured by the federal government, including computer hardware and
software, websites, multimedia such as video, phone systems, and copiers."

Including hardware and software.
Most likely the developer of the app didn't make it accessible.


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Perhaps too broad of a question and probably depends on the technology, but
we installed a desktop app on both the PC and the Mac and NVDA, JAWS, and
VoiceOver could not be used with the app. You couldn't navigate to any
elements with VO (ctrl+opt+shift+downarrow didn't do anything) and when
tabbing on the PC, the screen reader was silent. Even Microsoft's
Accessibility Insights couldn't find any elements in the app. Kind of hard
to test when nothing registers with assistive technology.