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Re: [EXT] error reporting featua requirement?


From: Cyndi Rowland
Date: Dec 16, 2020 9:10AM

What you may be thinking about and what you may have heard is that the US Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights has been including this in resolution letters for a very long time. Because of that folks do talk about it. Prior to 2017, under the old case processing manual, they routinely required that entities would provide a public link to an accessibility page and describe the process for submitting complaints and feedback. Once the new case processing manual was in place (2017), this requirement changed only a little. Now, entities are asked to establish an accessibility alert process. Here is an excerpt from a resolution letter (all public and online), "Within a month, an institution should create an accessible way for users to notify the institution that they are having problems with the accessibility of online content. Of course, an institution should remember that they should not wait to make content accessible. A notification provides ongoing feedback."

So, not WCAG, but something that folks, at least in U.S. Education, are concerned about.


Cyndi Rowland, Ph.D., Executive Director
WebAIM; National Center on Disability and Access to Education
Center for Persons with Disabilities
Utah State University
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Subject: [EXT] [WebAIM] error reporting feature: a requirement?

Hi all,

I seem to recall reading that it's a requirement to have a feature for
users to report an error. We have one already built into our course
system, but a partner is asking to remove it in favor of the one in their
system. We can simply turn it off on a course-by-course basis, but I'd
rather keep it on in our system, as that's much easier for students. I was
looking for support from the WCAG and Section 508 docs, but I can't find
it. Does anyone know whether an error reporting feature is required? Am I
imagining things?


Mike Warner
Director of IT Services
MindEdge, Inc.
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