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Re: can you share system audio (such as screen reader output) in google meet?


From: Joe Humbert (A11y)
Date: Dec 17, 2020 7:33PM


use one of these. Or something similar. You may have to mess/adjust the
audio to not get feedback so I would do a test call to get it right (with
another person to make sure it is working).

Thank is the cheapest or you could physically reroute the audio with cables
and possibly an external mixer.

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in google meet?

I have not been able to do it. I don't have a problem with Zoom or
GoToMeeting but Google Meet doesn't have a way to share system audio. If
you connect to a google meet from the chrome browser and you want to share a
tab from the browser to everyone on the call, then there is a system audio
checkbox but it will only share audio that happens on that tab, such as if
you're playing a video. It's not really sharing the system audio.

I often run with the screen reader when I'm showing demos and have always
used Zoom or GoToMeeting in the past. But I have a meeting coming up with
Google Meet and I have not found a way to share my screen reader output on
the call.

One possible low tech solution is to use an external microphone, which picks
up my voice, but place the mic near my computer speakers so it picks up the
screen reader voice too. The quality isn't great but I suppose that's a
backup plan.