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Re: site accessibility audits


From: Patrizia Bertini
Date: Apr 20, 2004 12:31AM

hi Leo,

I often do auditing and agree with Shilpa, I actually define the pages
I'll test as follows:
- Home Page
- 3-5 pages of second level
- 3-5 pages of third level
- each page that has forms
- each page that has applications
- contact page
- Map
- those pages which have some peculiarity (graphics, data tables, plug

after the page selection, I do as follows:
- verify W3C Code compliance
- verify the CSS
- test with with Cynthiasays
- test with vischeck for color blindness
- test with no CSS
- test with no image upload
- test without javascript
- verify manually all the ALT, LONGDESC, SUMMARY, CAPTION, ABBR,
ACRONYM, Header, SPAN LANG, DTD ETC ... elements
- read the code of the pages line by line and verify it's compliant and
correct and sign for each page in which line there's an error.
- Linguistic analysis - verify that the text os clear and use the
clearest dictionary (as English speaker you can easily refer to the VoA

After all that, you can have a clear idea of the status of the site
accessibility, also because consider that nowadays sites are generated
by CMS so errors are commonly repeated and once you have fixed them on
15/20 pages you can ask technicians to rewiew all the pages according
to the errors you've found in the example pages, or ask to review the
CMS in order to generate a more accessible and compliant output.

hope this helps:)

M2p -- Pat

Patrizia Bertini
E-Accessibility Consultant & Researcher
Studio Bertini & Associati
Web: www.patriziabertini.it
Web: www.accessibile.net
Tel: +39.338.56.85.250

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