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Re: Query Regarding SC 1.4.10 - Reflow


From: glen walker
Date: Dec 28, 2020 12:17PM

It's always best to go to the original wording of the guideline. It says
nothing about horizontal scrolling specifically other than "scrolling in
two dimensions". So in theory you could have a page that reflows
everything horizontally and requires scrolling horizontally to see all the
content and that would be ok from a conformance perspective as long as it
didn't require vertical scrolling too (if it didn't fall into the
exception). So you can't fail it just because a horizontal scrollbar

1.4.10 is similar to 1.4.4 in that both say "without loss of
information/content or functionality" so your question about "do we also
need to see the content", the answer is "yes", but you might have to scroll
to see the content. Just make sure elements aren't clipped or hidden or
overlapping other elements.