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Re: WCAG - Fail or not to - Static text tab-focusable in tables


From: Sailesh Panchang
Date: Dec 31, 2020 7:48AM

I encourage the and patient readers to browse through the WebAim
thread started in Nov/2015 and later on had some posts in 2017:
"[WebAIM] Misuse of TabIndex 0"
Thanks and best wishes,

On 12/31/20, Patrick H. Lauke < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> On 30/12/2020 15:39, Sailesh Panchang wrote:
>> SC 2.4.3 reads: If a Web page can be navigated sequentially and the
>> navigation sequences affect meaning or operation, focusable components
>> receive focus in an order that preserves meaning and operability.
>> Yes, navigation sequences affect meaning or operation when it
>> needlessly navigates to static content.
> The *order* seems to be meaningfully correct though. In terms of
> operation, it makes it more tedious to operate, but it doesn't *affect*
> operation in terms of not making it operable.
> 2.1.1 specifies that things need to be operable with a keyboard. Again,
> it doesn't say *how*, or that it must be nice/easy. So 2.1.1 would also
> not fail, normatively.
> Long story short, I'd lean towards: doesn't actually hard-fail any WCAG
> SC, but is still horrible usability and should be noted as a best
> practice advice.
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