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A question on regulations - NAM


From: Vaibhav Saraf
Date: Feb 16, 2021 5:31AM

Hi Everyone,

I was reading about some of the prominent accessibility regulations in
North America and had some questions around them. ADA will cover any
website in the public domain which is inaccessible to persons with
disabilities, irrespective of whether it is complying to WCAG x (we have
seen many websites solely dependent on automated checkers getting there).

I have a question when it comes to Section 508, since the course for it's
Trusted Tester program specifically talks about WCAG 2.0 SCs. Of course the
training program covers maximum of manual tests but still I was wondering a
case when a piece of procured software turns out to be inaccessible for an
employee with disability (due to a testing flaw or whatever reason,
ofcourse many vendors rely highly on automated checkers while making some
of these). In such a case the software provider will still be sued or will
the contract be terminated or any other action for the non-compliance is
there in place?

And how is it for AODA, reading many of the interpretations of the law made
me think that being WCAG 2.0 compliant is enough to pass the requirement
and doze off any lawsuits. Well I don't hope that my understanding to date
is correct, I need a little more of some expert's guidance about this.