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Re: Tables with irregular headers


From: Vaibhav Saraf
Date: Apr 15, 2021 1:08PM

Hi Glen,

For me I am able to hear 'Mars Produced' for NVDA as well. Certainly it is
because of browser/NVDA versions, I would be interesting in knowing yours.

Yes, I am a native screen reader user. Not trying to control what the
screen reader should speak for a particular row.

I am more trying to make a header work only for a given set of rows instead
of all. for the FSA example I shared if the sub-row headers are going to be
announced this way then surely one would hear all A-Z alphabets before
actually hearing the cell content.

Forgive me if I am confusing you but it's a little hard to put the whole
thing in words.


On Fri, 16 Apr 2021 at 00:20, Jonathan Avila < <EMAIL REMOVED> >

> From recollection JAWS announces changes in header cells that span
> multiple columns but won't repeat something that is spanned if it has not
> changed - perhaps that is the reason.
> Jonathan
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> When navigating across row 1, I can sort of see your point.
> With NVDA, it only says "Mars" and then "Venus", so it's only announcing
> just that header.
> With JAWS, it says "Produced Mars" and "Produced Venus"
> I can (sort of) understand why JAWS is doing that. "Mars" is a cell in
> the table (a header cell but a cell nonetheless) so JAWS is trying to
> announce any headers that go with that (header) cell, which is "Produced".
> Sort of.
> Both "Produced" and "Sold" are header cells so why did JAWS only decide to
> announce "Produced" when navigating to the "Mars" cell and not "Sold"? I
> can't answer that. Perhaps it's a JAWS-ism.
> But I think that might be beside the point. In your real world case, are
> you trying to control what the screen reader says when you navigate the
> header cells? I'm not sure you should do that. You said "I would prefer
> to hear..." but are you a typical screen reader user? You have to be
> careful when you start thinking about how *you* would want things announced
> as opposed to what your *users* expect to be announced.
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