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Re: Opening PDFs


From: Larry G. Hull
Date: May 19, 2004 8:50AM


On several occasions when I've wanted to copy-and-paste to quote something from a PDF, I haven't been able to copy text from the PDF document opened in my browser using the plug-in but have been able to copy this text if I first saved the PDF then opened it in the Adobe Reader application.

My experience may be related to your problem. The Adobe Reader plug-in may be less functional than the full application. I understand this is the case for several other applications with plug-in versions.


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At 9:49 AM -0400 5/19/04, Brooks, George wrote:
I am having a problem making PDFs accessible on our intranet. Seemingly, no
PDF that's opened in a browser window can be read by a screen reader (we use
JAWS). It just reads the title in the browser window and then stops as if it
were a blank page. However, the very same PDF is accessible if, for example,
it is opened independently.

I know you can set your copy of Acrobat Reader NOT to open in a browser
window, but that doesn't seem like the right solution (not to mention it's
client side).

Any idea of what could be wrong? I tried searching the internet and can't
find anything quite on point for this issue.

The problem occurs even with documents created with the new 6.0 version of
Adobe Acrobat.

Thanks in advance,

George Brooks

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