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Re: PDF vs. HTML


From: Cheryl D. Wise
Date: May 22, 2004 7:03PM

You don't even need to open a web page in Word. Full version of Adobe will
create a PDF from any HTML page open in a browser.

Cheryl D. Wise
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From: WebAIM List Administrator

And to add to the comments already submitted, making the conversion from
HTML to PDF is MUCH easier than going from PDF to HTML. We need to rethink
the processes for developing media that will be on both print and the Web.

Starting with properly formatted HTML allows for:
1) An extremely easy conversion to PDF. Just open the HTML in Word (or
whatever), then save as PDF.
2) Document structure for the PDF is correct, assuming you've structured the
HTML correctly. This allows the PDF to be natively accessible in most cases
and relatively easy to make accessible in others.
3) It is easy to provide both the accessible HTML and the (optionally
accessible) PDF.